3 thoughts on “Anita Peida Back And Of Course Nude For All Over 30!”

  1. marques r says:

    anita p love you and your freand too

  2. marques r says:

    anita e. mail me marques love

  3. Terrance says:

    Love your pics…I am a newly found writer trying to find a place in steamy romance context. I have been looking for the right models to portray characters that I am writing about…You are my Alfreda…I intend on buying a few of your movies…Please recommend 3-4 (1 man/1 women only) that are light and entertaining (Not Hard Core). Also I would like to know if I might convert a few of you pics to cartoon or sketch for my books’s character. (It is not something that I want to sell, just something on my bucket list (publish a book…for my own, home library) Looking forward to your recommendations and reply…LUV your pics..CLASSY & Mature…

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